We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We accept purchases over the phone for products that may be on special before your next service or gift cards.


Gratuities are gratefully accepted. Industry average is 15 to 25 percent of service cost, however we do not accept gratuities on credit cards. They must be in cash or personal check made out to the stylist directly. There is a Chase bank one block east of the salon with an ATM.

Cancellation Policy and Confirmation Process

Though we do not require a credit card to book services we ask for your consideration of others and expect a minimum of 24 hours notice of your appointment time, but appreciate 48 hours notice. We use an automated system that delivers confirmation texts as well as emails, as well as a phone call from our front desk staff (if the text or email is not responded to with a confirmation). This all being said, no-shows are not excused. Anything less than 24 hours notice is considered a no-show and after three no-shows (last-minute cancellations included) we do require payment in full that is non-refundable if another no-show occurs.

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals are catered to depending on the stylists/salon schedule. If we can still provide the services we most definitely will, however if it is more than 15 minutes past the appointment time we can not guarantee services and do ask that guests call to notify the salon if they are running late. We do our best to notify guests if a stylist is running late however we encourage any guest to call the salon one hour prior to services to check on their stylist if they would like to.

Service Guarantee

We use the highest quality professional products on our guests, and are confident in the life and longevity of the service. However it is hard to guarantee that the proper at-home maintenance is being performed if we do not have a guarantee you are using authentic, professional products distributed by secure vendors. We recommend our guests use our professional products that preserve the longevity of the highlight, color and/or service performed and are distributed from trusted sources during the proper shelf life.

All haircuts, color and texture services are guaranteed within one week of service. When used with recommended, accompanying products purchased at Suite 115 Salon & Spa all hair services may be guaranteed for an additional period. Suite 115 Salon & Spa service providers will always discuss available products with each guest during their visit.

If, for any reason, a guest is unhappy with a service provided, we ask to be notified immediately; we rarely receive complaints on services, but if we do, we will make every effort to correct the issue to the satisfaction of our guest. It is preferred that the guest visit the same stylist since he/she is the most aware of what the hair was like prior to the service and the texture, integrity, etc. However we will go to great lengths for any guest to feel comfortable if a return service is necessary with any stylist in our salon. We strive for 100% satisfaction so please let us know if we can improve any services received.

After services are performed, we strongly recommend that guests pre-book their next appointment; doing so ensures that returning guests will maintain the same service provider who performed the initial service during the return visit and that the most convenient time and date is provided always. In between visits, we provide bang trims and neck clean-ups for $7. These services are normally available the same day as desired, please give a call for minimal waiting.

Returned Checks

In addition to the original amount of the check, a returned check will result in a $25 service charge. Guests with a returned check on file must be paid in full prior to new services being provided.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for purchase and are non-refundable. Available gift card balances should not be applied as gratuity; balances are to be used for services or retail products. Some gift cards obtained by guests through a promotion, giveaway, non-profit organization or community effort may be designated as redeemable only for specific salon services and not for retail products. Again, a friendly reminder that gratuities are not accepted on credit cards, only cash or personal check to the stylist directly.

Independent Contractors

Suite 115 Salon & Spa houses both stylists working under the primary ownership of the salon as well as independent contractors renting space inside the salon. Independent contractors book all of their own services through their own direct line, set their own prices, collect their own payments, etc. Any offers of gift cards purchased through the salon’s main desk are not valid or redeemable with independent contractors. They do sell gift cards at their own discretion, NOT through the salons front desk. All retail purchases are made through the front desk and may require a separate transaction from independent contractor service charges. Suite 115 Salon & Spa independent contractors carry their own liability insurances as well.


We do not provide refunds on retail products; if you’re unhappy with the results of a retail product purchased from Suite 115 Salon & Spa, we will gladly allow you to exchange within 14 days (with accompanying receipt) and we will express your dissatisfaction directly with the manufacturer and/or distributor. We encourage you follow the advice of a stylist to help guarantee you are purchasing the proper products for your hair. Remember all products purchased at Suite 115 Salon & Spa provide us points in a bank for education to keep your stylist up to date with new trends and improved skills.


Guests are welcome in any attire, so please come as you are. We provide gowns upon request and capes for your comfort.