Hair Color

Suite 115 Salon Suites, a premier beauty destination renowned for its commitment to excellence, proudly offers an exquisite array of Balayage hair treatments that redefine modern hair artistry. Nestled in a luxurious setting, this salon embodies sophistication and innovation, making it the perfect haven for those seeking to transform their locks with the timeless beauty of Balayage. With a team of highly skilled and experienced stylists, Suite 115 Salon Suites takes pride in its ability to customize Balayage treatments to suit each client's unique style and vision. Whether you desire subtle sun-kissed highlights or bold, dramatic color contrasts, their professionals will consult with you to achieve the perfect, hand-painted look that seamlessly blends with your natural hair. Experience the magic of Balayage at Suite 115 Salon Suites, where creativity and expertise converge to create stunning and radiant hair transformations.

Hair Color Services

All Service Costs will be quoted before we begin. All service quotes are subject to a $20-$60 range of additional color if needed during the application.
2-6 Week Root Retouch$58-$72
One color root touch up. *If color is over 8-10 weeks of outgrowth it may require extra color +$15-$40
Single Signature Color + Cut & Style Or Treatment$132-$174
Single Signature Color +Style $122-$155
Full Look Change$200-$300
Are you looking for a Full Look Change? Is the color you are admiring a completely different color than your current color? Let us give you the exact look you are admiring! This appointment will require 4-5 hours of time. We do encourage a consultation prior to booking this so we can ensure this is the proper appointment for you!
Moderate Look Change$234-$354
When is a Moderate Look Change the right choice for you? Not all colors require a Full Look Change.  If you have found a look that is moderately different than your current color or possibly you are on a journey to an overall different look, this visit is for you. Have you already taken steps closer to your desired look, but still are wanting to see more change? This would be a perfect choice! If you color your hair between 12-16 weeks, you are most likely, but not definitely, a moderate look change.
Maintain the Look$178-$250
Looking to maintain or make slight upgrades to your look? This is the most popular service in the salon. Depending on your maintenance level this is something you can expect for a 6–10 week color appointment. Depending on your look or distance in between appointments we suggest 1-2 visits without foils (Color Retouch+Gloss 3-5 weeks) and/or this color maintenance visit (6-10weeks).
Vivid Full Look Change$332-$462
Do you love wearing any and all colors of the Rainbow in your hair?! This one is for you! This does require a consultation! Feel free to Book Online! But shoot us a text 630.521.5096 with photos of your current color (front, back and sides in a well lit area) and your dream color! Send 2-3 of your desired overall look! This visit ranges from $332-$462
Vivid Color Maintenance Visit$120-$250
Is your Vivid color fading? No need to get the whole shabang! Before you book though! This visit is for Vivid colors that are less than 8-10 weeks from your last visit. This visit could be simple if within 4-6 weeks or we may suggest a few extra touch-ups!